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Toss your mascara for spring

Nude eyelashes are the latest beauty trend on the spring runways. In the effort of newness, futurism, and modernism, I fully encourage strange makeup that does not abide by roles or the advice you find in a magazine. Last year, bleached eyebrows were the trend, so it is not surprising to me that the trend for eyelashes wold be nude now. It allows makeup artists to focus on emphasizing other features of the face, and eye makeup can be dramatic without looking excessive.

“Can Runway Beauty Kill Mascara?”


Nika Tang


Nika Tang is nothing short of a perfectionist. On the 2014 NY runway, she creates for us the very expression of lady-like coolness, balancing soft romance with chic drama. The combination of clean silhouettes and playful lines is showcased by the simplicity and delicacy of the fabric choices. An airy color palette is accented with elements of macrame and lace, both contrasting and complimenting the highly architectural nature of the designs. The pieces are fluid and moving, but only in the controlled and elegant manner of Nika’s careful hand. It is obvious that Nika Tang does not create a single stitch without a defined vision of something which is balanced by its own dichotomy, and inspired by her fresh vision. Clean lines lead out to billowing curves, from calm to intrigue, and back again at once.

An MFA graduate of Academy of Art’s department of Fashion and Knitwear, Nika Tang married her construction and macrame skills for breathtaking, envy-inducing results.  With appropriate rock-n-roll music accompaniment, the models strut the catwalk as if it were fifty years ago, while simultaneously projecting a feeling of something entirely current, relevant, and cutting-edge. The models all sport long, dark, straight hair with curved bangs and heavy eye makeup, so as to complete “the look” of the modern mod girl.  Clean, minimal A-line silhouettes from 60’s fashion are dramatized by the voluminous waves of controlled motion that can only come from obsessive precision tailoring. Delicate, intricately constructed textures of floral lace and macrame weight the smooth and simple natural silks and linens, again showcasing Nika Tang’s constant attention to balance. The results are more than successful.

These are clothes which are endlessly interesting, daring, powerful, and yet ever sweet. Combining recent trends (dreamy cream, clean white, macrame, lace, layered pleating), the collection is on-trend and yet completely individualistic and special from first glance. (For this blogger, ’twas indeed love at first sight! Thank you Nika Tang, for expressing my flower girl fantasies alongside my love of well-tailored and edgy designs, and executing it more perfectly than I might have imagined!)

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